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Wins and losses


MLB betting odds

Wins and losses progression in MLB

This playing method is similar to 30 wins, the difference being that you carry out progression in two ways, both betting on wins and loses for a chosen team. By choosing suitable teams, it’s a great and profitable method of playing.


The choice of teams for your betting is here a key matter. You have to choose teams who, during previous seasons, had almost the same number of wins and losses, essentially your typical average teams who are situated in the middle of the table. You’ll find excellent statistics for choosing the right teams in our baseball statistics section.


After you’ve chosen your teams, you carry out your progression in two ways, so if you chose e.g. Atlanta, you would carry out two progressions every day, one for wins and one for losses for Atlanta.


Of course you also establish here a permanent profit you want to achieve after a win or loss of a chosen team and you use a method described in other progression modifications in MLB. If a team has got short sequences of wins or losses in a row, you still earn money. I think that in this system a safe number of matches is equal to 30 wins and 30 losses.