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ProgressiveBetting - make money on sports betting with progressive system!

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Progression - betting system

Progression betting is not necessarily a solution to winning money quickly.  In actuality, progression, is probably the most effective way of securing regular profits when sports betting.


As you already know, in a single football match or in any other sport discipline, it is usually very difficult to predict the final result. This is why traditional betting on a single match very often ends in failure.


It is totally different if you bet on a particular result in several or more than ten matches of a chosen team. By adopting this approach, your chances of winning diametrically increase and you do not have to worry any more about accidental results. Progression sports betting bases itself on this methology.


Progression is a sports betting system which relies on predicting a result, more often than not this prediction will be a draw. Take a look at any weekend coupon or online betting site and the reason for this will become instantly clear, namely that the odds associated with a drawn game are invariably equal to or longer than 2/1, a fact that lends itself to progressive betting.


In simple terms, you bet on your chosen team and gradually grow your stake in case of a failure, until such time as your bet wins. In real terms, there’s lots you can do to dramatically stack the odds for success in your favour, which we’ll come on to.


Progression is usually used for betting on draws of a chosen hockey or football tram. In case of a different result other than a draw, simply increase the stake and bet again on your team drawing during its next meeting and so on until your bet succeeds.


If you predict the result, your end winnings will be higher than the total sum of money you have already invested and this is how draw progression ultimately secures your profit.


In very simple terms, this is how progressive betting works but when you subscribe, you’ll be able to access a wealth of historical and real time information covering numerous clubs and leagues from around the world, including past and current sequences by league and indeed, for each individual team. Our easy to use progression manager and tools, together with our tips and predictions, further weight the odds in your favour.


There are several methods of using draw progression in sports betting and most of them are quite simple. You will find a detailed description of these methods in the Playing solutions section.


As I have mentioned before, the draw progression is mainly used in football, hockey and MLB. This is why you may find links to sections, which are on the menu on your left, where I present detailed description of using different types of progression in these disciplines.