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Hockey betting odds

Progression in hockey

Draws in hockey happen more rarely than in football and this is why sports betting services offer higher odds, usually over 4.0.  Because of this, it’s very favourable to use  Fibonacci sequence and regular profit progression for draws in hockey.


Hockey matches are played much more regularly than football matches, thus hockey progression lasts shorter than progression in football. It is undoubtedly advantageous using draw progression in this discipline. However, while choosing a team for your progression, you have to remember that in some leagues the highest sequence without a draw (HSWD) may last for as many as 30 matches. You therefore have to carefully analyse a particular league and team before investing your money in hockey progression.


Choosing hockey teams follows similar principles while choosing football teams:


- CSWD (current sequence without a draw)

- HSWD (the highest sequence without a draw)

- SD (standard deviation in a sequence without draws)

- draws percentage indexes in a league of a particular team


When using hockey progression, try to choose hockey teams with their current sequence without a draw at least equal to 10 matches. It will allow you to minimise risk and to maximise the chances of ending the progression successfully and profitably.


It is also important to choose hockey teams with the lowest HSWD during previous and indeed, their current season. Avoid choosing teams with HSWD higher than 20 matches during previous seasons. Try to choose these teams from the league with the lowest HSWD.


Standard deviation (SD) is a measure of regularity of matches ending in a draw by a particular team. The lower this index is, the more regular a particular team draws matches. Essentially, when comparing teams, its important for you to consider the SD value. If it is low, it means that this is a team which draws regularly and is worth being chosen for your draw progression.


Percentage draw indexes for the entire league and also, for a particular team may also be helpful, however, their importance is not significant in comparison with the criteria I have mentioned above.  


You  have to prepare for a higher number of levels, ie more bets, in the case of hockey progression. This preparation should be both financial and psychological. Psychological because you cannot discourage yourself after a few failed progression levels and financial because you have to possess appropriate financial security. By higher number of levels I mean about 10 to 12 levels if you choose teams with their CSWD higher than 10 matches.