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Football betting odds

Progression in football

If you have chosen a suitable progression playing method or methods so to start earning money you have to choose some teams for your draw progression.

A choice of appropriate team is a key matter in the draw progression in football. This choice has influence on the effectiveness of this system. This is why before choosing a team analyse carefully statistics for this team and its league in order to maximise your chances of finishing your progression in success.

Choosing a team for your progression put attention to several important statistic indexes in a current season and during a few previous seasons. Of course, the most significant is data of the current season but previous statistics also have important meaning because thanks to them you may predict teams’ behaviour in the current season. The most important statistic indexes, which I personally use while choosing teams for my progression are:

- current sequence without a draw (CSWD)

- the highest sequence without a draw (HSWD)

- standard deviation in a sequence without draws (SD)

- percentage number of draws of a particular team

- percentage number of draws in a league of a particular team

For my progression I choose football teams, which have CSWD at least 5. In leagues where number of draws is equal to about 30% this criterion is usually efficient, but in leagues where are less draws it is worth waiting till 7-9 matches without a draw of a particular team, before currying out draw progression. It may seem to you that is a quite high number but if you use this method your probability of finishing progression in success in very high.

Another significant index is HSWD appropriate both for whole league, it means for all teams, and for every team as well. HSWD for the whole league shows what was the longest period of time while waiting for a draw in a particular league during particular season, e.g. HSWD=12 during season 2005/2006 it means that during this season the longest sequence without a draw of all teams was a sequence of 12 matches without a draw. It is the best to choose teams from leagues with the lowest HSWD.

It happens very often that HSWD for particular teams of particular league differs a lot from each other and this is why this index should be examined for every team individually. It is the best to choose teams which had low HSWD during several previous seasons and have low HSWD in a current season, it means it should be less than 10. This is how you maximise your possibilities of winning.

The best teams for draw progression are these teams, which regularly and cyclically end their matches in a draw. Choosing such a team, you have great chances that another draw will take place during next matches and this is why there is high probability that your progression will end in a success. In order to examine cyclical nature we use a statistic function – standard deviation (SD), calculated on the basis of a sequence without draws. The higher value of standard deviation is, the more regular a particular team draw. If DS is lower than 2.0 it means that this team regularly ends its matches in a draw. The values of SD for particular teams you may find in the Football Statistics section.

Helpful data for choosing a team for your progression includes draw indexes both for particular team and for whole league, where a particular team plays. In a league where much more matches end in a draw, there are more possibilities that another match of your team will end in a draw. However, these indexes should be taken later into consideration.

Very useful and up to date comparison of draws ratio you can find in the Football League draws stats section.

Remember also that you analyse statistics of a particular league and only for this league you curry out progression with a particular football team.