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Terms and conditions


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Terms and conditions


General rules


1. These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) regulate principles and conditions of using the online service under address ww.progressivebetting.co.uk (hereinafter referred as to the Service) and principles of providing services through this Service.

2. Registration relies both on choosing user’s name and a password to the Service and giving email address, where a message with an activation link will be sent. After clicking this link, the registration is finished.

3. Every person may explore the Service resources without any obligations. However, during registration in the service or placing an order for services offered by the Service, you become the User, accept the Regulations and oblige yourself to observe the terms and conditions of the Regulations.

4. The owner and the administrator of the service is:  SportData Limited, company registered in England and Wales with company number 8219563, registered office address: Kemp House, 124 City Road, London EC1V 2NX  (hereinafter referred to as the Administrator).


§ 2

Service subject


1. The service provides services within the scope of making information available and providing access to forum (hereinafter referred to as the Services).

2. Services provided by the Service are to help the User in achieving profits from sports betting.

3. Although the highest diligence applied by the Administrator, Administrator cannot guarantee to achieve profits from sports betting by the User.


§ 3

Service usage


1. The Service includes generally accessible pages which require Registration and placing orders for Services.

2. If a particular page requires Registration or placing an order for Services, the User will be informed about this fact with the use of a special announcement.

3. Placing order relies on choosing a particular version of Services and order form fulfilment with the use of available Service options.

4. The order will be realised after receiving by the Administrator dues, paid with the use of available Service payment channels, in virtue of paying the price for offered services by the Service.

5. The User is not allowed to pass other people details gained during the Registration process.

6. Ordered services are only for that User, who placed an order for these services.


 § 4



1. Each User has the right to full money refund for services that he has paid. This right has not any time limit.

2. In order to receive a refund, User has to send an e-mail to the Administrator. The e-mail has to contains a statement with a request to receive a refund which date of payment.

3. In 7 days from the day of receiving a refund request, the Administrator will make the refund using the same payment method as initial payment.

4. Administrator reserves the right to cancel the refund if the User violates the Terms and Conditions.


 § 5

Personal details


1. All personal details collected during the Registration process or during Services order placing are used only by the Administrator.

2. The Administrator does not make them available and does not sell personal details of Service Users any third party.

3. The Administrator reserves the right to send messages regarding the Service.


§ 6

Final provisions


2. Regulation nonobservance may result in removing from the list of Service Users.

3. In case of any lacks of clarity, the Administrator reserves the right to final Regulation interpretation.

4. The Administrator reserves the right to make changes in Regulation. The current Regulation version reminds in full force and effect with respect to the User and is available on www.progressivebetting.co.uk/terms_conditions//