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Progression - methods of using

There are several methods of using draw progression. All are very simple and effective on the condition that we have chosen the appropriate teams, which our tools and methology allow us to do.


The most popular and the most simple as well is the classical progression, which relies on choosing teams which haven’t ended a few of its last matches in a draw. Basically, you start betting on such a team to draw its next game until the sequence is broken. Statistics and history (which is available to you) shows us that this will happen in the vast majority of cases.


Another method is a permanent progression, which relies on choosing a team which very often ends matches in a draw and betting on a draw in every match for this team.


On the other side of the coin, the Fibonacci sequence  is a great solution for basing your sequence on football and hockey teams that very rarely end their matches in a draw – another playing solution for draw progression.


With all of the above playing methods, the later your progression is finished, the higher profits you achieve. However, if you want to maintain the same profits on every progression level – use a regular profit progression.


A bit more difficult way to play is the so called ternary progression. Thanks to this method you do not have to be afraid of long sequences without a draw and you earn when your team end several matches in a draw one by one. Playing with ternary progression is supported by the Progression Manager.


Unfortunately, there may be rare occasions (see archive section to evidence just how infrequent), that your progression of a chosen team is not a success. If you choose your team carefully, it happens rarely but it is possible. You should be able to cover those losses with profits from your other progressions.


Of course you may use one or a few of the above playing methods, all have many advantages and some disadvantages as well, and you have to decide on a particular playing method. Regardless of your choice, I encourage you to carry out many progressions at the same time because your profits will be more regular and certain.


You’ll find a more detailed list of the playing methods on the menu on the left hand side of this page.