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Regular profit


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Regular profit

So far in all previously described playing methods with progression, the nominal income increases to the level on which you finish the progression. The later you finish your progression, the higher your profit is. However, a method described below is different because regardless of a level on which you finish your progression, you always achieve regular profit, hence the name of this method or regular profit progression.


Practically, all assumption connected with classical or permanent progression are almost identical for regular profit progression. You may choose for your regular profit progression both teams which have not ended any matches in a draw for several of its last matches and you may play with permanent progression as regular profit progression.


The difference is only in a stake system. In regular profit progression you do not establish your basic stake, but profits you want to achieve on every level. The stake on subsequent levels depends on draw odds of a particular level. For first regular profit progression level (your 1st bet) you may establish the stake according to the equation below:


stake = assumed income / (odds –1)


For subsequent levels, the above equation is transformed because you have to take into consideration stakes at previous levels. Therefore, for the second and next levels (ie subsequent bets in the sequence) the equation looks like this:


stake = (sum of stakes of previous levels + assumed income) / (odds –1)


At the beginning you may find these calculations a bit difficult and this is why I have prepared for you a special Excel sheet, which calculates stake on subsequent levels. To download it click here.


The undeniable advantage of regular profit progression is the fact that a stake does not increase as fast as it does in classical progression. It essentially allows you to play on to a higher number of levels, ie place a greater number of bets in the event of a loss, which in turn increases your overall chances of achieving success. One disadvantage is the fact that on high levels, a stake is much higher than a potential profit in contrast to the classical progression where if you successfully finish progression on a high level, you receive a good profit as a reward.


The regular profit progression you may use both in football and hockey.