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Progression in MLB


MLB betting odds

Progression in MLB

A wise man once said that there is not a 100% system which enables you to earn money on sports betting. It is difficult not to agree with this meaningful and simple statement. However, thanks to various progression modifications, you now have a much better chance of securing a profit and by using our easy to follow methodology and tools, the odds of you coming out successfully are greatly enhanced.


There is a sport discipline which provides you with a quick and relatively safe way of earning money with the use of progression. What’s more, you don’t have to know its detailed principles, analyse lines-up and injuries, or spend hours in front of a screen searching for information which should make prediction of a correct result, easier. This characteristic goldmine is amazingly popular in the USA, in other country it’s generally not so widely followed. It is in fact baseball or to give it its full title, Major League Baseball (MLB).


Before describing the playing methods, it’s worth you acquainting yourself with the basic baseball playing rules. Whilst it’s not a necessity to know these in detail in order to earn effectively, it is worth having at least some elementary knowledge about this potential source of profits. I’d encourage you to click on the following link to find out more:



Before I start describing progression methods used in MLB, I would like to explain why MLB should be such a convenient discipline to earn profit on sports betting. Of course, to play in MLB we continue to use progression betting but…. It is very important to note that there are no draws in baseball, there are only wins or losses, which immediately gives us a 50% chance of achieving success. Secondly, the MLB league is competitive and as such, sequences of wins and losses are quite short, added to which the odds are fairly good too.


A general principle of using progression in MLB relies on:


  1. Choosing an appropriate team.
  2. Establishing a safe number of matches.
  3. Establishing the amount of money you want to win. The stake you have to place/bet in order to secure this amount is automatically calculated for you thanks to the spreadsheet placed in the Links section.
  4. If you have predicted the result properly, you start from the beginning, if you haven’t, you calculate a new stake for a next meeting: NEW PROFIT=PROFIT + PREVIOUS STAKE


Of course, there are many playing methods for MLB, but here I present 4 effective and already checked/successful ones which will make this more clear:


1. progression of 30 wins of a particular team

2. Sequence breaking progression

3. Wins and losses progression of the same team

4. Follow sequence progression