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Guide to Progression Manager


This guide will help you to become acquainted with the full possibilities available to you be using our Progression Manager tool in football.


New Progression Manager has got many useful functions. It not only reminds you of dates of matches but it also calculates stakes, expenses and profits for your progressions. It was designed to make your progression  as user friendly and as simple as possible. Below you will find a detailed description of its functions. I encourage you to read it in order to gain maximum benefit and ultimately, to maximise your profit.

This is a short menu. Click a name to move to an appropriate section of the guide.

1. Progression Manager
1.1 Adding the first team
1.2. Teams view
1.3 Default bookie
1.4 Team’s details
1.4.1 Calculating stakes
1.4.2 History of playing with a team
1.4.3 Match omit
1.4.4 Negative progression ending
1.4.5 Progression description
1.5 Teams sorting
1.6 Hiding details
1.7 Reminding about matches
1.8 Data export
1.9 Capital calculation
2. Manager’s Archive
2.1 Adding teams from the archives
2.2 Removing teams from archives

Adding the first team


In order to add a team to the Progression Manager click on this button:


You will see a blank to enter a name of a team you want to add. You’ll find detailed descriptions around adding teams by clicking on a link “How to add a team?”.


When adding your team you must choose event, type, range and stake system of progression with a particular team.

here you can choose the type of progression you wish to play. You can choose between:

  • Event - here you can choose the type of progression you wish to play. You can choose between:
    - draw
    - under 2.5 goals
    - over 2.5 goals
    - win
    - loss
    - correct score
  • Progression type
    – classical progression, where you bet on next matches of your team
    – ternary progression
  • Progression range
    - halftime - you bet draw after halftime
    - fulltime - you bet draw after fulltime
  • Staking system
    - doubling a stake – choose this option if you decide to double the stake from one bet/level to another
    - permanent profit - choose this option if you want to secure a permanent and pre-established profit from your progression/

After choosing the stake system, two other options will be displayed for completion, “Final level” and “Basic stake” or “Permanent profit”. The final level is a level before you carry out your progression. If you don’t want to establish this level now, you may leave it empty. You will be able to complete it later.


A basic stake is simply the amount at which you start your progression when you decide to use the ‘doubling stake’ system described above. Alternatively, a ‘permanent profit’ is a pre-determined ’end’ profit that you want to achieve thanks to a particular progression, regardless of the number of bets this requires.


Completing either the basic stake or permanent profit options is a necessity for you to proceed.


By then choosing "Yes" in the "Re-adding automatically" option, the progression will be automatically adding again after it finishes in a successful outcome.


In case of choosing "Yes" in "Re-adding automatically" below that field you will see another field "progression quantity", where you should enter number of iterations of that progression. You can also leave default value (0), so there won't be limit of iterations.


After choosing this option click “Add a team”, which will simply add this team to Progression Manager.

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Teams view


If you have added teams to your Progression Manager, they will be displayed by their types, range and staking system. It may look like:


In order to see the details for a particular team, click “Show” in the “Details” column. Alternatively, if you click “Show” again, you will hide details about this particular team. In order to remove a team from the Manager, click a red cross in the “Remove” column next to the particular team you wish to remove.


Note! After removing a team from the Manager it is impossible to turn back, so think twice before doing this.

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Default bookmaker


With your Progression Manager tool, you may choose a default bookmaker. If you choose this option, then odds for matches will be automatically downloaded from the default bookmaker that you have chosen. This can be particularly useful if you mainly play with one favourite bookmaker.

In order to choose a default bookmaker, click “Addicional settings” above a view of the team.


From the moment you choose your default sports betting company, odds will be automatically downloaded for your chosen team’s matches.

To change or resign from a chosen sports betting service, you only need to click “change” next to the name of selected sports betting company.

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Team details


Details of a particular team will provide you with a lot of useful information and settings, which you can also change should you choose to do so. These include:

- the date of the next match of a particular team and a link next to it “Show odds.” Clicking on this option will then display several bookmakers’ current odds for this game.
- basic stake or permanent profit
- final level
- draw odds for next match
- stake for next match

In some blanks you may change values, e.g. amount of permanent profit or a final level. To do so you should enter a new value and then click “Change” or “Save” situated next to this blank. A new value will be saved and such information will appear next to this blank.

If you entered odds as non-integers, it would not matter what separator you would use, coma or point. The manager accepts both solutions.

Of course if you have decided on the ternary progression of a particular team, there will be also details about level of ternary progression where this team is and if you should bet on this team during next match.

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 Calculating stakes, levels, expenses and profits.


The Progression Manager was designed to make progression as easy as possible. Among its main functions is automatic calculation of stakes, levels, expenses and profits from every progression for a team in the Manager.


When using the doubling stake method, stakes in subsequent bets/levels are calculated automatically. In the case of ‘permanent profit‘, stakes are calculated on the basis of your odds. However, if you have chosen a default sports betting service, you would not even have to enter any odds as they would be entered automatically for you, based on those offered by your chosen default bookie.

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Playing history with a team


For every progression with a team you’ve added to the Manager, a detailed playing history for this team is displayed. Once you’ve added a team, your progression level, date of any match, bet stake, odds, and result is displayed after every match.


You will also find a summary of your current profit etc that you have made when previously progressive betting on this team.


It also allows you to change stakes and odds on previous bets, even when you have already bet another sum of money, and then recalculates the results from your chosen staking system.

If you have chosen the 'permanent profit‘ option, new stakes will be calculated automatically by the Manager.


Below is an example of playing history after 4 progression levels.




Note! After any changes in history (change of stake or odds) it is necessary to save data with the use of “Save” button, which is situated under playing history.

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Omit a match


Sometimes you may omit a match for a team which you have chosen for a draw progression. In this case, in order for Progression Manager to complete the correct/updated calculations, you have to complete a checkbox in the "Omited?" column. After this it is necessary to click the "Save" button.

Manager will automatically calculate and adjust any stakes and expanses.

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Negative progression ending


Whilst it rarely happens, there will be occasions when your chosen team may not secure a draw within the number of matches you have allowed for in your progression and you then decide not to carry on with this particular progression, with this team, anymore. In this case, click the “End negatively” button, which is available in details of every team since a second progression level.


If you use this option, this team will be moved to the Manager Archives and progression expenses will be treated as a loss.  

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Progression description


For every team in the Manager, you can add a short description. It may be a piece of information about this team or about your future plans/steps connected to this progression. After adding description click “Save” situated below to save the description.


Of course, you may remove or change this description at any moment.

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Teams sorting


When betting on a higher number of progressions, you may well find this a useful option. You can sort teams by 5 columns:

- Lp – sorting by date of adding
- Team – sorting by team’s name
- Your level - sorting by progression level
- Country – sorting by country name
- Class – sorting by a name of playing class


The sorting takes place after clicking on a name of one of the five abovementioned columns. Default teams are sorted by date of adding, earliest first.

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Hiding all details


If you opened many teams at the same time, it might be difficult to explore the Manager. In order to hide all details about these teams, use “Hide all details” situated at a right top corner of the Manager.

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Reminding about matches


The Progression Manager automatically reminds you, with the use of email, about upcoming matches for teams you have to bet on. These messages are sent a day before a match of your team.

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Data export


Progression Manager allows you to export data about progression of teams which you have chosen. Thanks to this you can also keep this data on your computer. Data will be saved in csv file. This format will allow you to edit this file very easily. Delimiter is ";" (semicolon).

In order to save data about your progressions click on a link "Export data" in the top right corner of Progression Manager.

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Capital calculation


The Progression Manager gives you a possibility to automatically calculating your current capital for your progressions. This function calculating your capital, rate of return and sum of your current bets.

 You may add this to the Manager by entering it in line: "Your capital" on the top of the Manager page and clicking "Save" .


From this moment on the top of the Manager page you will see the current value of your capital. It will be changing and updating after every match, stakes change, removing or finishing of your progressions.


This function is especially useful when playing many progressions or using many bookies. Checking current balance in such a situation may be difficult, but with Progression manager it's very easy and does it all for you.

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Manager Archive


In the Manager Archive you will find all your finished progressions. Teams are automatically transferred from the Manager after your progression is over and whole odds are entered.

For every team in the archives there is displayed a level/number of required bets to end the progression, calculated profit, expenses and rate of return. In the archives you will also find playing history with this team. This detailed data can be found by clicking a team’s name in the Archives.

There is also displayed overall profit from all your finished progressions and individually for every type, range and staking system.


Your archives may look less or more like this:

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Adding team from the Archive


If you want to re-install a team to Manager, which is in the Archive section, use the "Add again" option in details.


After clicking this button, a new window will be open, where you can choose all parameters for a new progression and confirm the reinstatement of this team.

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Removing from the Archive


If a team is placed in the Archive section by mistake or if you simply want to remove it, simply click “Remove from archives” situated in team’s details in the Archive.


Note! After removing a team from the Manager it is impossible to turn back, so think twice before doing this.

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