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Argentine- system of playing

I heard many times a question about system which controls matches played in Argentine. Because many times I had been thinking about this matter, I decided to find the truth. Results of my investigation I present below.

Most South American leagues (Mexico, Argentine, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador) play during one season with “double championship”, so cold opening (aperture) and ending (clausura). During one season we have two teams which win championship.

Between rounds the league’s line up changes. It is explained by the fact that some services which present information from these countries after second round reset result accounts of teams taking part in played matches.

It is an interesting situation concerns teams which are to be removed form a league: every year after finishing a season there are two teams which leave particular league, these teams have the worst average calculated on the basis of results of THREE last seasons. At the same time, teams on position 17th and 18th of combined table of aperture and clausura play with teams on 3rd and 4th position from a second league during play off. This is why in first league there appear 2 or 4 new teams every year.

Teams which have been playing in a league for one season have calculated their average from this one season because they do not have time to play three seasons.

This system protects the biggest companies of Argentine football and it was established in the 1980s when several of the biggest clubs were removed from a league.